Deus didn't do it for us
It’s rare that a widely celebrated Belgian beer so roundly disappoints. But that was the case last night when 5 of us tried the Deus Brut Des Flandres, which tasted like a strange amalgam of beer, cider (lots of apple and pear tones) and champagne. I suppose part of the problem is that it isn’t really a beer but more of a champagne-cum-beer. Three people didn’t even finish their first glass and we threw away more than half the bottle. Not a good sign for a beer that is marketed as a Flemish champagne of beers and cost around €12 at the supermarket for a 750ml bottle (that would buy you 4 bottles of the same size of the eminently drinkable La Chouffe).

Respected sources like Beer Advocate gave this beer a good score. But for us, it never stood a chance. It was a pity too, because I had built up in my mind quite a reputation for this beer. You don’t see it everywhere and it has some mystique around it. It disappointed though – even for fans of champagne who would say it has an odd champagne-like mouthfeel, with a strange aftertaste of cider that reminded one of us of Tripel Karmeliet, one of my favorite beers.

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